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Monday, Aug. 13

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1.7 mile jog + 1.7 mile IG ocean swim

2 mile walk on the beach later


The tide was out when I meandered to the beach around 10:00 am, so I decided on an ocean swim. I changed strokes and even did some backstroke kicking. But, still, open water is so boring. No idea how folks can do that or endless freestyle. I am looking forward to my short course walls! I got bumped down one notch in my LCM 100 back and 100 breast with all the meets this weekend. But overall my times held well for a sucky long course swimmer. A friend sent me a PDF to an article showing that elite swimmers take twice as many strokes in the 100 long course fly as short course fly. Definitely true for me. I did count my strokes on my 50 LCM back, and it was > twice as many as my 50 SCY back. I'm sure the same was true for my 50 LCM fly. No wonder I die at the end. I wonder, as I've heard some say, whether it might be better to slightly build long course 50s as opposed to an immediate drop dead sprint.

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