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Another Crotona morning

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Yesterday and today I had a couple of nice relaxing swims in the acre o'pool at Crotona Park. But there's been a hint of trouble in paradise: For some reason, with 3 weeks left in the swim season, the powers that be have determined that the shallowest two-thirds of the pool should be blocked off during lap swim That would be fine--we can still swim the 100m length of the pool, and with only 3 or 4 of us each morning it still feels roomy--but unfortunately the blocked off section includes the one lengthwise seam in the bottom around which we all swam. (There's no black lines painted on the bottome). So far it's worked out--I've been swimming next to the wall, and sighting on it, while Rondi swims next to the rope that designates forbidden territory. We need Andrew to come back, and bring his amazing portable bottom line invention!

I did a shortened session this morning:

1000 slcm warmup (400fr, 3 x 200 ST/FR)

4 x 400 FR, odds pull w/paddles, evens swim

4 x 200 IM:
1st = drill
2nd = 100 kick / 100 swim
3rd= 100 swim / 100 kick
4th = swim

600 warmdown + play

I'm getting ready for my next big swim. In a week's time I'll be swimming across Cape Cod Bay, a distance of about 20 miles. This one brings a lot of new challenges--it will be significantly longer than I've ever done before; it might be cold enough to warrent some hot feeds; it will start during the dark; I'll be feeding from and sighting on a boat rather than a kayak. I've been busy the last few days thinking through what I might need, amassing supplies, and trying to avoid the temptation to play with my glowsticks. I'm definitely looking forward to finishing up the prep and embarking on the adventure!

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  1. chaos's Avatar
    gregoc says we could expect temps close to 70... prob won't need hot feeds.