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by , August 20th, 2012 at 11:42 PM (494 Views)
It's been a while since I've had the breathing space to write an entry; my guess is I was pretty overtrained at the beginning of August... trying to keep up with a challenging training regimen and burning the candle at both ends with work finally caught up to me and, well, things fell apart. I did some reading on the internet about overtraining and I had 80% of the classic symptoms. So I took three days off of exercise and concentrated on getting through the end of summer school.

Friday, 8/10/12, I got home from work around 6:30 PM... exhausted, splitting headache (which I'd been carrying around for hours), and staring down a four hour drive to what I described at the time as the arctic circle. My wife had planned one last family camping trip before sending our oldest off to college. The last family vacation? Very sad. We were meeting four other families at a camp ground just a few miles from the WI-MI (upper peninsula) border... on Saturday's agenda: whitewater rafting. The drive up on Friday was not fun. I joked that we would be driving so far north that the four-lane highway would eventually shrink to two, then to a dirt road and become an episode of Ice Road Truckers before we got to where we were going... and that's pretty much what happened. After setting up tents at midnight we finally settled in, temps were cool (mid 50s), but pleasant for sleeping. I woke up pretty refreshed. and we ate a hearty camp breakfast and headed to the outfitters for rafting. That was a pretty cool experience, when I get a hold of some of the photos I'll post them here. We started on the WI side of the Menominee river and ended on the MI side. Lots of category 2 rapids and one brief section of cat 4 with a really nasty rock waiting for us at the bottom of the waterfall.

When we got back to the campground, this was the sight that was awaiting me:
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I couldn't believe it. The water was a nice balmy 70 degrees... I waded right in and swam out to deep water, then turned parallel with the shoreline and swam for a few minutes. I probably didn't do more than 500 yards, but it felt good to swim.

Since then I've been easing back into it. Last week I did a few 2000-yard workouts (one in the St. Louis, South City YMCA... 84 degrees!) and drove my son down to Texas State. We're staying with family in Austin, so this gives me the opportunity to visit some of my favorite Austin haunts. I've already put in 6+ miles of swimming in Deep Eddy the last 4 days. Tomorrow I'm going to try to go to Barton Springs bright and early.

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