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Saturday August 25th - AM Weights

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TRX Planks
2 x
* front 1:00
* left side :45
* right side :45

Chest fly
2 sets of 12 @ 25 lb.

Reverse fly
2 sets of 12 @ 15 lb.

Dumbbell Chest Press
1 sets of 10 @ 35 lb.

1 set of 5 @ 115 lb.
3 sets of 5 @ 205 lb.
2 sets of 5 @ 225 lb.
1 set of 5 @ 245 lb.

7 sets of 3 @ body weight (169 lb.) + 55 lb. on 1:00
Stopped because my right wrist was a bit sore.

Adductor machine
2 set of 10 @ 170 lb.

This was bitter-sweet because it is the last time I will get to workout with my daughter for a while - she leaves for college early tomorrow morning. Hard to believe that my little girl is heading off to start the next phase of her life! It is cliche but it really does seem like only yesterday that she actually was a little girl.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Hang in there! I remember last year when Fort Son left ... ugh, miserable for days. But you do adjust, and she will go on to do great things.
  2. rxleakem's Avatar
    My daughter is around for another three weeks (Drexel is on a quarters system). She is bummed that everyone else has left for school and she is still waiting...
  3. Sojerz's Avatar
    Great school and City, Eric. I'm sure she'll love it. Know you have family in the area too, just in case.