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Long time no blog!

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by , August 30th, 2012 at 03:26 PM (510 Views)
I have 12 extra minutes before school pickup, so here it is!

LCM, SMU on my own
Baylor has been closed for 2 weeks due to annual maintainance.

400 warm up
4 x 100 kick
8 x 50 pull

4 x 50
2 build
2 as first and last 12.5 fast

easy 50

all out 50
could be anywhere from 29 high to 33
stupid clocks are not aligned and they aren't uniform (slow movement then a click up 3 seconds). if I had to guess, i'd round it to a 31.

easy 100

The End
I am just going to ride out the off-schedule until Baylor pool opens again. I don't like swimming with a bunch of weirdos at SMU and there is always some lecher trying to talk to me and share my lane.

Great news! Baylor is finally going to screw everyone else over and have 1 uniform fee - $55 per month. The spread of "group rates" really turned a lot of people off. Some were paying $40 while I have been paying $85 for 20 years. Anyway, now everyone has to pay $55 and I get the reduced rate!

Other: I have been doing a mini-Insanity workout, which is 7 exercises for 30 seconds and you do it 3 times. I read it wrong the first time around and thoughtyou do 30 sec on 30 sec off with 30 sec between rounds. Boyw as that easy!Duh1 It was as little rest as possible, then 30 sec between rounds. I have modified to 30 sec on, 10 sec rest, 2 minutes between sets. I marvel at my modificationess.

See you later!

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