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joel schmaltz

Aerobic Sat.

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600 mix up

500 EZ r/15
5 x 100 r/5
400 EZ r/15
4 x 100 r/5
300 strong r/15
3 x 100 r/5
200 strong r/15
2 x 100 r/5
100 strong r/15
100 sprint

100 EZ

4 rounds of 4 x 50 r/ 15
#1 fast
#2 strong
#3 fast
#4 EZ
I did odd rounds back, even rounds breast

100 w/d

4600 scy

Not bad today. Another chance for me to work on my catch and count strokes throughout the day. Small showing this mornng and I actually had a lane to myself. I would guess that we have about another month of workouts that we can really try to make some technical changes without worrying about speed.

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