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Sunday Funday

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by , September 2nd, 2012 at 04:32 PM (1167 Views)
Had a good swim!

W/U 300 sw
300 k

6 x 150

6 x 100

6 x 50

c/d 100


It was a good swim. felt strong after yesterday's water polo scrimmage. due to the holiday, not many people were in the pool. hoping to get some time in the pool tomorrow.

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  1. chowmi's Avatar
    I like this workout! But i'd probably modify it as

    200 warm up
    4 x 150 kick/drill/swim by 50 1 each stroke
    5 x 100 kick odd pull evens
    6 x 50 5 secs at the 25; work on back half speed
    8 x 25 various fast sprinty stuff
    6 DIVES free/fly/1 back

    Nice template to work from.
  2. Awf1975's Avatar
    I like the kicking you added. Funny thing, I got this workout out of a book. And through out the session I really wanted to sub out a lot of the swimming for kicking.