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Last summer beach day

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I enjoyed a fun, mellow day at the beach today. I’ve been lackadaisical about my training this week—after the big P2P swim, I was initially so happy to finish with my body intact that I signed up for a couple of late-season races and started making plans for improving my speed with more pool workouts. But after that first burst of enthusiasm I found myself waking up and not wanting to go to the pool--I think I discounted the need for a mental break from training, if not a physical one. So for the last week or so I’ve not swum much, and have been just following my instincts about what feels fun to do rather than thinking in terms of shoulds.

That meant I hadn’t gotten out to the beach yet this weekend. But I woke up this morning wanting to go, in part because I missed seeing my CIBBOWS friends. I arrived at Brighton around 10:30, and did a social 2-mile swim to the pier and back. I started out swimming by myself, but circled back to find some swim buddies after less than a half mile, just because I was feeling a little lonely. Luckily I found Patty and Capri to talk to, and we then spotted Mike swimming in our direction. (Patty prides herself in being able to identify swimmers by their strokes when they’re still quite far away, and she’s usually right). They sent me off with him, and we swam mostly together the rest of the way.

I stayed at the beach afterwards for a good couple of hours, which included an extended in-the-water synchro session. The ocean temp was 75 degrees, perfect for goofing around in the water and chatting. By the end of our “practice” there were ten of us out there rehearsing various synchro moves and performing a rudimentary routine. We got a standing ovation from the guards when we were done, and at least one beachgoer asked where we learned our skills! It’s bittersweet to think that this is the guards’ last weekend at Brighton, and that summer is truly ending.

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