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Morning Y workout

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I enjoyed a fun workout with Rondi at the Y this morning. NYC’s public outdoor pools are now closed, and Riverbank is shut down for its annual cleaning, so I felt lucky to have access to the Y's 4-lane 25y pool—I’ll combine lap swim time there with team workouts for the next few weeks, until Riverbank reopens. Lanes were crowded when I arrived—seems like there's an annual back-to-school-and-fitness-routines frenzy that almost rivals the January resolution rush to the gym here. (I know school has started back for weeks in many locales, but nearly all NYC K-12 schools, public and private, hold off the start of their year until after Labor Day). Things cleared out after a bit, and we enjoyed our own lane for much of the workout. Here’s how it went:

900 scy warmup (400s, 200k, 100p, 200 IM d/s)

Broken 1000:
300 FR swim
250 alt. FR drill / BK swim by 50s
200 FR swim
150 alt FR drill / BK swim by 50s
100 FR swim

500 FR, done as 5 x (25 sprint + 75 very easy)

Back-to-school set:
"Arithmetic is Fun!" 500 (all FR except multiples of 3 = BR, multiples of 4 = BK, multiples of 7 = FL)

250 warmdown

I was lethargic until we did the sprints, then felt energized—if I have to swim in a short course pool, it's good to at least have the fun of sprinting 25s! Looking forward to getting reacquainted with some of the other indoor pools here later this week.

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