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Mixing it up this year

getting mad at poor pool management

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by , September 5th, 2012 at 07:38 AM (507 Views)
I swim at 2 pools one, they have the head guard doing the aquatics director job but not getting compensated. They give him no authority but to keep this status quo and at the other facility they keep cutting the lane space for lap swim.

We are down to 1 lane short course for 6 lap swimmers of differing speeds. 2 of them I can deal with I lap them around 500 but the other 3 are SLOW! WOMANatees.

What to do. I told the girl at the desk if I got forced back into having to swim with masters they will need to compensate masters out of my membership dues for sharing their lane space. But that also means distance days will be more frequent than I want.

200 free
200 IM drill
100 kick
4x25 skull @ :45
8x25 shooters w/fins @:45

4x50@1:00 drills
4x25 human dril
4x25 DPS free 15 strokes
4x25 no breath free
50 EZ

4x50 1 arm fly
4x25 fly DPS 8 strokes
4x25 shooters w/zoomers
100 EZ

4x50@1:00 breast pull w/zoomers
4x25 breast DPS 7 strokes
250 EZ

Total 2300 yards

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