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29 happy 29 sad

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by , September 9th, 2012 at 03:41 PM (1198 Views)
LCM, SMU outdoor pool

400 warm up

12 x 50 on 1:00
12.5 kick/easy swim
25 kick/easy swim
37.5 kick/easy swim
repeat 4 times.

2 x 300 pull on 5:00
==> NO! went to diving well and did Modified Fort sprints: this was a sampler of her workout with speed work from the middle of the pool.
3 rounds:
"25" from a running start;
turn around, scull slightly off wall, take 3 breaths, then
"25" from a dead start back to the wall in 1 breath.
I really liked this, but didn't have that much time. I need a lot of rest, and could only do 3 w/in the 10 minutes.

Rejoined the group....

10 x 50's on :50/1:20
1st 50: make the interval;
2nd 50: blasto first 25, easy 25.
emphasis was on "back half" sprinting when you are not entirely fresh from that first 50.

Fast 50 on coach's watch

The End
I have no idea why I set my target times the way they are. I was very happy with a SCM 29 from a wall dive on Friday, yet today I did a bonus LCM 50 at the end of workout on coach's watch, went 29.7 (same as last week) and was disappointed. You would think I should be happier with the LCM 29, but for some reason I am quite disappointed.

Bobby said my head was too low on the first 1/3 and I was having to plow my way down the pike. I guess I should not dip so low but also not just raise my head. I was also pretty tired. I think I need to start doing the fast bits in the middle or at the beginning of workout when I am fresh, and then maybe a 2nd effort at the end. I was happy with the breathing (3) with the last coming right past the 12.5m line.

Next up: This week will try to get to SCM 28 in workout. If I can stay disciplined, maybe take 1 workout and do 4 x 50's on 10 min or so to attempt this aggressive goal. I'll also do some fly sprinty bits, continuing a long trek back to fly shape.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    You dumbo, 29.7 is fantastic for an end of practice time. And not even adorned in kneeskin.

    The mid-pool or dead start bits require max rest to really blast off.

    I often do an AFAP 50 before heading into a longer or more complicated speed set.

    How long will the long trek back to fly shape be and what will you do to get there? I can't say that's on my hit parade, though I'd like to do better in the SCY 100 fly.
  2. jaadams1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Fortress
    You dumbo
    That's just awesome to read!!

    She's right though, a 29.7 LCM is great in a practice. I doubt that I'd be able to do much better.
  3. chowmi's Avatar
    Thanks all! It even required a special telephone call to chowsh to make me feel better, plus I had to tell her about this key lime pie that had perfect browned merangue and lots of graham crust that I didn't buy, but I will likely think and blog about it for the next several days and then go and buy it. Then EAT IT!!!

    And for the other pressing subjects in my life, I agree 29.7 is quite good, but I want to stay aggressive and get faster. It seems every year i'm around this level at my best, and then it just peters out until I am trying to get back to 29.7 and then never break thru.

    I really really liked the mid pool start sprints. I'm going to add more of those to my sprint sets! But I agree you need a LOT of rest - like at least 1 minute for each to really get up!

    My fly just feels so off. I went solid times last week, but that's broken 25's. I think I just need to do more fly, period. No time frame on it. It's a far second to the Quest for 23.99 50 free. tee hee!