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Equipment Malfunction Day - 09/14/12

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by , September 14th, 2012 at 09:21 AM (547 Views)
Water was lovely today. Both Seeley and Jennifer weren't there - had Savannah & Danielle in my lane.

600 back/free
500 locomotive Pull
400 reverse IM, drill/swim by 25's
3 x 300 P on 4:15; speedplay by 100's on #1, by 50's on #2 and by 25's on #3
200 easy
6 x 100 K on 2:00 descend 1-3, 4-6
8 x 25 on :30, one drill, 2 x 4-cycle speed play & one sprint, repeat
3 x 200 w/zoomers working turns on 3:00
200 cool down
Total: 4200 SCY

*Today was full of equipment issues. First I whacked Danielle with paddles with my left hand. Then a few laps later I whacked someone else in the next lane with my right hand - but it threw my paddles off & even pulled the rubber strap that holds it on (over my finger) clean off - had to stop & fix it! Then a bit later, right before the kick, somehow I dislodged & knocked my left contact out of my eye - luckily, I found it on my cheek & was able to get it back in. And THEN, during cool down I jammed one of my fingers into the wall on a breast stroke turn! I would say that today just wasn't my day, but I was swimming great, so I guess I was just having a lot of equipment malfunctions!

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