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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 09/17/12:

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200 FR/200 BK/200 IM drill
4 x 100 FR with snorkel on 1:30

5 x 100 kick on 2:00 (Fr/Bk/dolphin/Fr/Bk)
4 x 125 IM's on 1:40
- 25 drill/25 kick/25 drill/50 swim fast
- Rotate through IM order (Fl/Bk/Br/Fr, Bk/Br/Fr/Fl, ...)

3 x 200 FR on 2:50 (descend 1-3)
8 x 50 on 1:00
- 1,6,8 = DPS (ez)
- 2-5 = Quarter's Strong
- 7 = FAST! (went 28.7 from push)

4 x 50 FR drill continuous with snorkel w/d
(Solo/Rec/3200yds/60 min)

Had a good swim tonight (first one over 3k in an hour). It was relatively quiet in the pool, which I credit the relatively nice weather outside for helping. We have had some cool mornings here in the northeast (40's), but it is getting into the mid-70's so folks are trying to squeeze in their final outings before moving inside for the remainder of the fall.

Still working on using the snorkel. I have kinda given up on flipturns at this point since I come off the wall looking like this so I just do open turns. Maybe I need to tighten it more? I came in around 1:40 on all the kicks, which were hurting towards the end of the set. I then added in the stroke work to start waking up those muscles that have been asleep for awhile.

Matt was swimming tonight, after dropping off the face of the pool deck since May. He is really fast, and was doing a pull set during my 200's so I tried really hard to catch him, aiding my ability to descend them (2:31, :28, :26). Wiped me out pretty good! Then I worked in some speed play before loosing up.

I feel strong in the water, thanks no doubt to the weights I've been doing over the past feel months. I know that they are not quite up to the program that Jazz set up, but they are helping. I bought a pull/chin-up bar, and do 4-6 sets of 10 every day. I need to start back in with pushups and some core work. I notice that if I am not rotating enough with Freestyle my right shoulder clicks. Not really painful, just noisy. Time to start up the shoulder stretches in earnest again.

Finished some last minute shopping with my daughter today in preparation for move-in day on Wednesday. I would have liked to stayed the night and dropped in with Tom for a workout, but it looks like I will have the joy of making the round trip in one day to Philly (about 10 hours total in the car). Once all of her stuff is there we will be looking to take the train into the new station on 30th Street, which given the gas prices and mileage on the car is actually cheaper than driving. Maybe then I can sneak into the pool at Drexel or UPenn ...

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Don't give up on the flip turns! You have to persevere with those darn snorkels.

    Maybe scapular stretches are what you need for mid back flexibility.

    Glad weights are helping!
  2. rxleakem's Avatar
    Thanks, Fort! Nothing like near drownings to persuade me to stick with the open turns! haha

    Do you find the snorkel flutters around a bit on the flip turns?

    Weights are helping. Now I just need to figure out how to continue them with the pool being more open...
  3. jbs's Avatar
    It took me forever to learn how to use the snorkel, including plenty of open turns. I recall just doing flips in the shallow end so that I could stand up when it didn't work out. Using a nose clip helped a lot for me as well.

    You will get it, but Fort is totally right about the perseverance factor.

    I don't find that it moves so much on the flips, but it will move when I push off, no matter how tight I make it.