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Help! Iíve fallenÖ.and I canít get up!

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by , September 20th, 2012 at 05:37 PM (513 Views)
Fast forward to May 2008. At this time I was married, living in Portland, Oregon, and had been working my first 'real' job at the state Public Health Division for about two years. I was swimming once a week at my local pool, but I was starting to feel a bit old at the ripe age of 26. I felt like I needed to do something crazy, so I decided to take up something that I’ve always wanted to learn: skateboarding.

Things started off really good. Six weeks into it, my balance was much improved and I was feeling really comfortable cruising around at some fairly good speed, and I hadn’t hit the ground once yet! A friend of mine decided to take up skateboarding with me, so on the weekends we would hit up deserted parking lots and cruise around. One sunny evening in June, we were out at Swan Island cruising around the huge FedEx parking lot. I was cruising around, and I remember that I was headed towards a wet patch that the sprinklers had created. Well, least to say, I didn’t make it through that wet patch. It tripped me up for some reason, and I fell spot on my left shoulder.

I immediately knew I had dislocated it. Mainly due to the obvious popping sensation that I had felt, plus I couldn’t move my arm. I was on the ground, and I couldn’t get my arm to move to get myself back up. Then, the pain came. HOLY HELL! And my friend was nowhere to be found. I knew she must have been waaay over on the other side of parking lot, so I laid there and waited…and waited….and waited. It felt like 15 or 20 minutes before I knew that if I wanted medical attention any time soon, I would need to get up and find her. So, I took a deep breath, and managed to get up. Holding my arm as pain went searing through my body, I hobbled to the other side of the parking lot and found her.

After I finally got to the hospital, it was still a good two and a half hours worth of waiting before my shoulder was put back into place. First, I had to wait my turn in the jam-packed ER. Then, I had to get X-rays to confirm that my shoulder was *actually* dislocated before they would give me pain meds (WTF!). Finally, I was prepped with an IV, as they knock you out so they can get your shoulder back in more easily. I was all ready to go when the doctors came over. But then they told me that I looked “more flexible” than average (thanks to swimming??), and that they were going to try to reduce it without knocking me out. I had to lie on my stomach with my arm dangling over the edge of the table, and it was only 2-3 seconds of intense pain before they got it to pop back in. Most relieving feeling ever!!! I was sent home in a sling and was told that the Orthopedics and Physical Therapy departments would be calling me soon. I thought to myself, “Well, I guess I get a few days off work, and I have pain meds, so thats not too bad!”

A few days later, I found myself sitting in my living room flipping through the TV channels, when I came across the ‘live’ airing of the 2008 Olympic swimming trials on NBC. I looked down at my arm in my sling, and then the realization came. I then thought to myself, “Oh F*&%, what have I done?!”

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