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Mixing it up this year

Recovery day and monofin play

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by , September 26th, 2012 at 07:37 AM (466 Views)
Have the 500 free, 50 free, 50 fly and 100 IM on saturday and 200 breast on sunday. One masters meet, one kids meet.

Recovery day was really needed today.

1000 as 200 swim/200 pull/200 swim/200 kick/200 swim
500 free kick w/zoomers every 3rd 25 moderate
5x100@1:30 as 50 free/50 back w/paddles just made them holding 1:27's
Gave that set to my kids last night only 2 could make it.

8x25@1:00 shooters w/monofin I must say I really engage the abs more with the monofin that with the regular fins
8x25@1:00 fly w/monofin my stroke seem to have better timing and I seem to be closer to the surface of the water.
100 EZ

Total 2500 yards

I may have to shell out the money for a monofin. The one I am borrowing is in rough shape.

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