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Sunday, Apr. 4

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5 mile trail run + several miles of hiking along the Potomac River.

Meant to swim later, but ran out of time and decided packing was more important.

Hoping for sunshine in Tucson. Though it was quite lovely here today.

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    You're already in a vacation mindset ... today is Saturday!

    You should be in Arizona for some pretty primo weather. I hope you enjoy your time in Tucson. I'm sure you've already got plenty of touring advice, but two natural (non-swimming related) places worth checking out down there are:
    * Kartchner Caverns:
    * Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum:
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    I am excited. We already have tickets to the caverns for April 8. Also planning on the Desert Museum. Thanks for the links -- I'll check them out.
  3. poolraat's Avatar
    You should get in touch with Bart. He's coaching one of the Ford Aquatics masters groups in Tuscon.