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Mixing it up this year

Saturday 4/4 - College Flashback meet

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by , April 4th, 2009 at 07:23 PM (1163 Views)
My purpose for going to this meet was to support a local meet since we have so few meets in south Georgia. Since my taper is going on I figured I would try out a new suit to see if I liked it. I didn't, but I swam fast so who knows it may just get some wear time after all.

The pool was outdoors and we had a beautiful day. Since we were low on timers and I had planned to just swim easy at this meet and really not push, I volunteered to time when I was not swimming. This means I really did not get any warm up or warm down after races.

I started with the 200 Free and went a 2:22.40 the fastest I have gone this season. Then came the 200 Back outside in the sun, just swam nice and loose felt strong so I cranked the last 100 of it and WOW went a 2:46.54, 2 seconds faster than last weekend and only 1 second off my best time from last year.

The final swim was the 500 Free and I did not want to hurt on this one so I chose to do something I never do on a 500, KICK. I kicked the entire 500 and for the first time this season went under 6:22 with a 6:19.74.

I am still having issues with my back muscles being alittle on the tight side but atleast they are not hurting like before. Nothing another massage and plenty of ice won't cure.

Total 2100 yards today

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  1. KEWebb18's Avatar
    Donna, which suit did you get? Did you try the Yingfa suit? Just curious what you thought about it.
  2. Donna's Avatar
    I have not used the YingFa suit yet but it fits like my others so I am not worried about using it. I was actually trying out the Tyr Aquapel zipperback full length suit. I like the aeroback style and am used to it.

    I thought there was too much chest compression on the zipeprback suit but I do have to say it is a fast suit. I guess I will just have to get used to wearing it. I will only use it on swims 500 or less, not the long distance events.

    I was glad I tried it out ahead of time. I may try the YingFa in practice this week.
  3. flippergirl's Avatar
    Sounds like some real positive fun on your races. Way to go!
  4. Bobinator's Avatar
    Great meet Donna! I figured you would have a good one due to the way you felt on your taper/rest!