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10.01.12 - Monday workout

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by , October 1st, 2012 at 10:24 AM (649 Views)
Swam w/ Roger, Dave, Dave, Aundrey, Danny, Ray, Leah, Wendy and Keith. Played 4 v 4 soccer in a cool drizzle last night. Optimal conditions and I got a solid 80 minutes of play. About halfway through, I chased down a cross that was played a little too long. As I controlled the ball, I slipped and fell. Laying on the ground, I took a quick look at the situation... one defender approaching and another blocking the goal... I'm laying on my side 10 yards from the goal and hey, the ball just rolled to my feet. I figured "why not", bent my knee and took a shot. Somehow, I got some power on it and the ball threaded past the two defenders and into the back of the 4' x 4' goal. We all just laughed. I only wish I were that good. My back was a wreck from refereeing all weekend but not so bad this morning. I struggled through the first set but was ok after that.


600 warm up

200 IM - 3:00
200 IM - 2:55
200 IM - 2:50
100 IM/100 Free - 2:45
100 IM/100 Free - 2:40
100 IM/100 Free - 2:35
200 Free - 2:30
100 Easy
Made the 200 IMs but got in trouble at the 100 IM/100 Free. Fell a few seconds back and then dropped the fly from the next IM. Still off the interval so I dropped fly and back for the final 100 IM. That got me closer but I was still needing to make the 200 free in 2:25. Picked up the pace and was only off by a second.

6 x 150 - 2:30 (free/sdk/free)
100 Easy
This was supposed to be 8 sdks, breathe, submerge and do another 8 sdks. Repeat for 50 yards. It took me a while to get the hang of this. I ended up doing 8 sdks, taking a breaststroke pull/kick and then submerging. That was the only way I could get back into a streamline with any appreciable speed.

5 Times through:
* 50 hard kick/50 easy pull - 1:45
* 50 hard pull/50 easy kick - 1:45

10 x 50 - 1:00 25 fly no breath/25 easy
I made #1, #2, #3, #6, #8, #10 no breath.

16 x 25 - :40
* Down hard stroke IM Order
* Back no breath

200 Cool down

(5200 Total)

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  1. qbrain's Avatar

    Nice Goal.
  2. pmccoy's Avatar
    Thanks! The thing about soccer is that you can get lucky and look really good at times. I don't see that so much when I swim.