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NW Zone Meet, Day 1

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by , April 4th, 2009 at 10:38 PM (1118 Views)
I arrived at the pool early thinking I had a lot of time to do a long warmup. Then one of my team mates asked me to count for her 1650. So my warm up was cut a bit short and I only got to do 1 race start off the blocks.

Then I was informed that I was swimming on 2 relays, the men's 200 free and the mixed 200 medley (fly).

1st event: 50 fly - 30.28
In spite of having a warmup that was shorter than I had planned on this went surprising well. This time is my 3rd fastest ever.

2nd event: 200 free relay my split was 28.0.
By the time I hit the water we were way behind the rest of the heat so I dogged this a bit since the 100 back was the very next event.

3rd event: 100 back, 1:11.72.
Faster than I did at the Utah meet last week so I was pleased.

4th event: 200 medley relay. swam fly didn't get a split.
I was starting to feel sore and tired going into this one. It felt real sloppy.

5th event: 50 free. 29 something.
This was right after the relay. I got to rest through 3 heats of 50's. So, I was about done for when I stepped up for this one. But the 1st 25 felt pretty good. Then I totally blew the turn, misjudged the wall, got too close and landed my feet on the deck. That sucks!!

Went to the warm up pool and swam 600 easy free.

2300 yards

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Great job!

    From what I can tell you've been warming up too much before the meet begins and too much before some of your events. You don't need a long warm up to swim 50s and 100s. You might be leaving some of it in the pool.

    My last few meets, I've taken shorter warm ups and haven't done any sprints off the blocks. Just a few builds and sprints from the wall. I've done pretty well with this approach.

    Good luck tomorrow!!
  2. Swimmy83843's Avatar
    Good Job. Wishing I would have signed up for this meet. Good Luck tomorrow.