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Workout 10/02/12: evening

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I was still not feeling altogether enthusiastic about swimming tonight, but I was encouraged when I saw Matt and GregJS's cars in the parking lot of the Rec Center. While waiting for the age-groupers to hop out I suggested that IM set I didn't get to do yesterday, and they both were crazy enough to try it with me as the main set.

w/u: 200 FR/200 Bk/200 IM drill

5 x 200 done as 50 Stroke Hard + 150 DPS free, IM order rounds 1-4, then 200 IM for time on the last one. - I did ...
- Fly (50 yds) plus Free on 3:00
- Back (75 yds) plus Free on 3:00
- Breast (50 yds - got smoked) plus Free on 3:10
- Free (50 yds) plus, well, it's all free on 3:10
- FAST 200 IM: went 2:31
(I came in around 2:40-5 for the first four)

4 x 50 FR Active Recovery (:45, :50, :55, :60)
4 x 100 Kick on 2:15 (IM order)
1 x 50 loosen those arms up for ...

4 x 50 on 1:00
- Hypoxic work down (breathe 4/5/6/7), FAST back to the start
- I used the snorkel on 2-4

10 Deep Water bobs into
4 x 25 on :35
- odds = 12.5 Race pace, 12.5 cruise
- evens = 12.5 cruise, 12.5 Race pace
(I did Bk odds and Fr evens)

100 loosen with snorkel and out
(Masters/Rec/2650yds/ 60 min)
I forgot how much fun that little IM/stoke set was! It has a good blend of "get the heart pounding" on the stroke, then "settle down" into a techniquey DPS free interlude before some rest. Both Matt and Greg are excellent "evil strokers" (I like that, Fort), so I knew that I would be staring at toes but it pushed me to really work it. I then set to building each 50 of the IM and was happy with that time.

Matt picked the kick set, and it had enough rest that I made it despite my abysmal breaststroke kick. We then went into some speed work to finish out the night and ended up tacking on some extra rest so as not to swim these too fatigued.

So it was just us three tonight, and both these guys really pushed me to dig deeper. Greg did a fantastic job getting through these hard sets, and we all left a tad winded! I'm planning on staying dry tomorrow, but will likely hit the gym for some weights. Greg and I are looking at perhaps a lake swim on Thursday, then I'll get in on Friday before leaving on a Men's Retreat with my son for the long weekend. Maybe I can swim in the lake over there on Saturday afternoon

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  1. GregJS's Avatar
    "Greg did a fantastic job getting through these hard sets." Yeah - by making them less hard.

    If you got smoked on the breast, it sure wasn't by me. You looked real solid.

    Good workout, Coach!
  2. rxleakem's Avatar
    Thanks, Greg. Although both you and Matt had your hands on the wall before me!