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joel schmaltz

Stroke day

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Still have a congested head. I think the entire beach area is passing this crud back and forth. Gave it my all through the following.

500 done as
-25 back
-25 V sit scull
-25 breast
-25 free DPS

14 x 25 kick w/fins @ 45
-odd dolphin w/arms out of water
-evens dolphin on belly underwater

4 rounds of
200 stroke cruise r/15
100 stroke sprint @ 2:00
100 free cruise r/15
50 stroke sprint @ 1:10
50 stroke EZ
Rest 60
Odd rounds bk, evens br

4 x 150 @ 3:00
-100 free build , 50 stroke sprint
-Check clock at 100 then hit my 4IM goal splits for the 50 sprints. I failed on the fly leg but hit the other three, just barely.

200 w/d

3650 scy

So glad it was stroke day! I felt pretty good todayand did well considering my head and chest is full of nasty stuff. If we had tighter intervals i probably would have really paid the piper. Our SCM state meet is in two monthes and I have plenty of work to do.

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