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NW Zone Meet, Day 2

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Today went well in spite of the short rest time between events.

I managed to duck the relays and that helped since they were both right before the backstroke events.

I got a good warmup of about 1000 yds. and then just laid back and rested for about 30 min. before the 200 back. Got a good start, and turns weren't too bad.
Went 2:36.92. That's a 2 sec drop from last week.
My splits were 35.81 - 1:15.6 (39.79) - 1:57.39 (42.79) - 2:36.92 (39.53)
Looks like I need to work on that 3rd 50.

My next event was the 100 free. Had about 5 minutes rest (3 heats of 100's) after the 200 back, then I was up for 100 free. Went 1:03.39.
Split 30.79 - 32.60. Not too bad. Probably could have pushed it a bit faster.

Did about 300 yards of easy free and back then went back and rested until the 50 back. Had about a 25 minute break

50 back: went 32.19. Just couldn't seem to get going on this. I was 3/4 of the way through it before my turnover felt right.

All in all, a good meet, I think. Especially the 200 back. I think I can bring that down a few more seconds at nationals. Need to get the kick a little more involved.

Finished by swimming about 500 real easy free and back.

2150 y total

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