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3500 more; feeling better

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by , October 12th, 2012 at 06:27 PM (784 Views)
I got in today feeling a lot better. I hadn't done the steam room or sauna in months, but the last couple of days I've spent some time in there before and after swims to try and warm up, maybe sweat out some of the yuckies. I opted for a long warm-up today... here's the whole workout:

--1000 warm-up [Alternated 100s between drill (w/ fins) and pull].
--100 breast
--1K on 20:00 [this was 1000 free (17:40) and 100 breast (2:00)].
--1K on 20:00 [another 1000 free (18:00) + 100 breast; on the freestyle I did the 3rd, 6th and 9th 100s at a little bit faster pace (1:40 instead of 1:45-1:50) and incorporated flip-turns, some of which were better than others]
100 back-kick holding streamline (2:20)

I also mixed in sprint 25s (four of them) after each 1K and at the end of the work out; these were in :18-19

3500 in ?? [probably 65-70 minutes]

I'm still not real happy with the flip-turns b/c every once in a while I have a real stinker (at one point today I missed the wall altogether... whiff!), and I'm not convinced that I'm gaining much if any time on the ones I do stick pretty well. Open turns maybe slower, but at least they're consistent. I'll keep at it, and may even work on the dolphin kick (my goal on turns is usually to keep my legs as streamlined as possible so as not to create any drag... the idea that they might actually be a source of propulsion is a little foreign still at this stage!).

Scotty wants to get in a 6 x 500 on 10:00 workout tomorrow. It will be a good opportunity to maybe time trail myself on the 500. I think we're going to have to get that in a little earlier than we have been swimming on Saturdays this fall... tomorrow is family day at the Y: water zumba in the lap pool at noon and then family open swim after than!

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  1. slow's Avatar
    Haha, today I had the entire pool to myself. But there was an ominous warning posted for next weekend: Pumpkin Floating Contest! And I thought "Noodle Roundup" was pushing the envelope.
  2. mcnair's Avatar
    Why don't they just say... "lap swim obstacle course"?! Pumpkins in the pool? Bring your own broomstick!