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Friday 10122012 AM Swim

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by , October 12th, 2012 at 10:30 PM (22 Views)
went up to Mesa-Kino for the AM masters swim workout
we were in the main pool (SCY)
Paul & Laura coached.

I was the very first one in the water
ended up sharing a lane with a guy who did Laura's set, until he moved over.

got in 700 w/u, and did quite a variety with some back + breast

the whole main set, mostly nonstop (maybe a min extra after some of the fast efforts):

10 x 50 @ :50, descend 1-5/6-10
10 x 25 power kick @ :40
400 for time (5:03, ok...)
8 x 50 @ :45, descend 1-4/5-8
8 x 25 power kick @ :40
600, done as 300 dps, 300 fast
6 x 50 @ :40, desc 1-3/4-6
6 x 25 power kick @ :40
200 fast for time (2:23, again just ok)
4 x 50 @ :35 (just swam a 200)
4 x 25 power kick @ :40 (and got caught up)
100 fast for time (1:08, just ok)

300 w/d

TTL: 4400 yards

I wasn't the first there, but was the first in the water. everyone was standing around chatting, then Paul had some stretch cords that they were using, on deck. I wanted to see if it made a difference if I got in a long warm-up, and it didn't really.

the last round (4 x 50 to the 100 fast) was supposed to be w/fins + paddles. but my right calf and foot were on the verge of cramping, so I decided against using fins. and I also thought, "well so much for taking it easy before Sunday." I doubt I did much damage, and I'll have tomorrow to mostly recover, hopefully. some people did a 50 from the blocks while I warmed down, but I definitely decided against that.

so my bike seems to puzzle everyone. I got a call late in the day from the shop that they had it all ready, but to bring my shoes and take it for a test ride. I just wore a whole kit (bike outfit), and was glad I did. about a mile in, I noticed the clicking sound back--

test spin from/back to Global 3.95 mi 00:13:03 18.2mph pace

Testing out my bike. Unfortunately, pedals still making the clicking noise. They're going to check the cups that hold the bearings, then if that doesn't work order new bearings. Either way, I'll have it back late tomorrow for Sunday's tour. I'm learning more and more about my bike with this. At least the guys at the shop are all really nice.

thankfully the bike has a good warranty, so if it needs the bearings I won't have to pay. and either way, I'll pick up the bike tomorrow so I have it for Sunday (I joked with the mechanic, "I'm definitely not riding the Tour with my Tricross." (my other bike, which weighs twice as much) )
and again either way, I'll take the bike out for at least a 30 min spin to stretch my legs and adjust to whatever they do to it.

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  1. jaadams1's Avatar
    I was the very first one in the water
    That Guy must not have been there...if you happen to be at a meet with That Guy, AND can beat him into the pool for a meet warmup (at the announcer's signal the pool is open) then you should also but a lottery ticket that day as well!!
  2. That Guy's Avatar

    what are you doing under there anyway?