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joel schmaltz

Sat 10/13/12

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Another small crowd this morning. Swam descent but didn't have much energy and felt sloppy through thr following.

500 mix up

6 x 50 kick @ 1:30
- We were suppose to hold fastest 50 free time + 15.
After two my lack of kicking really showed up.

8 x 100 on coaches whistle as a group all build.
1&2 focus only on the catch
3&4 focus only on no breath from 5yrds in
5&6 focus only on no breath within flags
7&8 3 fast strokes off wall before breathing

50 EZ

6 x 100 breast r/10 done as
Kick, arms only, pull w dolphin kick, swim by 25

100 fr r/10
100 50fly/50 bk r/10
100 fr r/10
100 50bk/50 br r/10
100 fr r/10
100 50br/50 fr r/10
100 fr r/10
200 IM sprint

50 EZ

8 x 50 @ ?
-5 were 10 sec max speed
-3 were 15 sec max speed
Try to increase distance on each rep

200 w/d plus hot tub

3700 scy

I like workouts that switch things up with kicking, stroke work, ect. Just felt low in the water. I guess I need to get something done around the house between watching MSU/Iowa and the big one down here SC/LSU.

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