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Sunday 10142012: Tour de Scottsdale & Recovery Swim

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by , October 14th, 2012 at 11:16 PM (18 Views)
went up to Scottsdale (way far north Scottsdale) for the Tour de Scottsdale (cycling event) this morning. I had a very early wake-up, but ended up getting there with plenty of time (never know with a drive...)

anyway, here's what I posted on dailymile:

Tour de Scottsdale 68.22 mi 03:11 21.4mph pace

I'm still in shock with my finish. I thought I'd be under 4 hours, secretly thought maybe I could pull off a 3:30, but never in my life did I think I'd go this fast. We had near perfect conditions--about 65F at the start, about 80 when I finished. Evidently I got with a good group, and kept going. For the first ~5 miles, I saw my splits and thought, "well that's the initial rush, things will taper off soon." Only they didn't. The scenery is amazing on the course--the only thing that could have been better is if I had seen the fountain going off when we went through Fountain Hills, but I've heard it smells. Excellent support--cops out blocking traffic at every intersection, and the cars that were there were aware and friendly. Plus an awesome setup at the finish. I'd definitely recommend this, and I'll have to plan to do this again.

Official Results:
Chip time (when I crossed the start to finish): 3:10:43.85
Clock time (when they setoff the race): 3:12:18.29
Overall place: 279 (out of 1071 finishers)
Place among males: 264 (out of 911)
Age group: 52 (out of 162)

I definitely felt more prepared today than I did when I did el Tour de Mesa back in April. and no flat tires or other equipment malfunctions today

I commented to a few people after, "this was actually something I enjoyed. running a marathon was something I endured and got through."

after going through Fountain Hills, we did venture a little lower into Scottsdale. when I crossed Cactus (over near Frank Lloyd Wright I think) I briefly thought of pwb enjoying a swim in his backyard pool somewhere nearby...little did I know he was down in Tempe doing an o/w swim.

unfortunately, the Tour was marred with news of a cyclist (not a part of the tour) who was the victim of a hit and run. it happened on the tour course, but about 30 min after the last tour rider passed that point:

most of the day I just vegged on the couch. I found a, "Bewitched," marathon on tv, and that made some good mindless noise to have on while I was on my laptop and napped

later today I went over to the Chandler 24 Hour Fitness for a recovery swim:

800 w/u, nice and long and stretch out

6 x 100 kick w/fins + board

100 easy

4 x 200 pull w/paddles + buoy

200 w/d

TTL: 2500 yards

then I went in the hot tub for about 5 min to stretch out some more.

there were a few others in the pool when I first got there and I was relegated to the wall lane. but around 500 yards into my w/u, the next lane opened up and I moved right over

I didn't look at the clock the whole time, and left my stopwatch in my bag. didn't want to even be tempted to do anything requiring any remote effort.
it did feel really good to stretch out though. the pool felt really nice and cool when I first got in. my lower back was bothering me a bit before I went and I was worried I wouldn't be able to do flip turns...but I think doing them actually helped work things out.

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