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Monday, Oct 15, 2012

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by , October 15th, 2012 at 09:16 PM (364 Views)
OK, back to the grindstone. I am not happy with my times this weekend. I think my 400 should have been closer to 5:00, my 200 closer to 2:20, the 100 IM closer to 1:20, and the 100 breast about 10 sec faster. SO. Soon as I get the energy (soooo tired from work!) I'm going to figure out how to get some light weights into the picture. The tennis will help a lot, I know - but I need to be sure and not play the week before I have a meet, just to rest up a bit.
Today's practice:

400 back/free
400 P
200 K
8 x 150 P on 2:10
4 x 100 K on 2:00
10 x 100 swim on 1:20
500 speedplay by 50's
200 easy

Led the lane on the 1:20's & kept them, but it wasn't pretty. I prefer a draft, thank you. 150's I went 2nd, but he was so far ahead it wasn't even funny, no draft there. I've had better practices - but that's ok - I know I was bushed. No swimming tomorrow - got to take the kitties to the vet to be spayed/neutered. Going to bed early.

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