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A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming

Recovery day

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SCY with Carrie
Except for the set of 25's and 50's, I ignored the clock and swam the entiire workout at an easy pace.

500 swim free
400 reverse IM alt. kick/swim by 25
300 drill alt. 50 free/50 no free
(for the no free went fly, back, back)
200 IM kick w/board (do free for the back)
100 no free swim
(did back)
swim 12x25 on 30: one of each stroke, IM order, 3x through
pull 300 breathe 3/5/3 by 25
swim 400 back w/4-6 kicks off each wall
(did 5 kicks all the way through)
pull 10x50 on 55 alt. free/back by 50 nice and smooth

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