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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 10/17/12: noon and evening

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Double day for me today

w/u 200 Fr/200 Bk/200 IM drill

Broken 1700 done as:
Go two times through (rd 1, rd 2):
- 2 x 200 on (2:50, 2:40)
- 2 x 100 on (1:30, 1:25)
- 2 x 75 on (1:15, 1:10)
- 2 x 50 on (:50, :45)
-- Used snorkel on first round, swam free strong on second

50 loosen and out
(Solo/Rec/2400 yds/35 min)
My plan is at least 4 swims a week, with a double at least once a week, gearing up for the Riverton Meet in Maine a month from now so I can attempt my first 1500. Still planning to mix in more fast swimming with the long stuff, but overall I plan to stay with higher volume as I focus more on OW stuff in the horizon.

I worked the DPS on the first round (200 times ~ 2:33), then went strong swimming on the second round (2:25), aiming to hit the same time with both repeats. Solid swim, with the added bonus of swimming it alone (during lunch time!) 80% of the time. My add up for the 1700 was 19:01 - never done the mile event in the pool before.

w/u: 150 Fr/150 Bk/200 IM Drill
5 x 50 FR with snorkel on :50
5 x 50 FR with snorkel on :45

Mountain climbing:
- Kicked my way up (1:00/50 base)
- Pulled my way down (:50-55 base - less on longer distances)

5 x 100 on 1:40
- 1 and 3 = Backstroke (1:22, :16)
- 2 and 4 = IM (1:28, 1:17)
- 5 = FR FAST (1:04)

4 x 50 AR with :15 sr
- Dolphin Dives in the Shallows
(Solo/Rec/2700 yds/60 min)
------(5100 yds for the day)------------
Wasn't sure what to do tonight, and it was crowded so this is what I came up with. I was able to hold :32-3 cruising on the 50's set, then wanted to get some kick work in and took the extra rest since my quads were cramping up a bit. I put more effort into the pulls, and then worked those 100's.

I have been playing with my backstroke, it just doesn't feel as smooth as I think it could be. There was a drill mentioned in the Oct Streamline to help with hip rotation, which I think is my issue. I also saw a link on Twitter to a [nomedia=""]Coach Marsh - How much elbow bend in Backstroke? - YouTube[/nomedia] which is also helpful. If I followed Ande's advice more, I'd lose some lard and probably be fine! That last backstroke effort was a great practice time for me

Riverton Meet (Portland, ME, 11/11/12) info:

Adding these drills to my "Stoke Helps" area.

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