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One frustration after another

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by , October 20th, 2012 at 10:09 AM (975 Views)
Moving on from the omniconsuming grade rumination post, I now have a new pet peeve/quest. This is the 2nd time in a row when Golden Coral never replaced the sweet potatoes during our visit. What a bummer. It was a scraped out pan with marshmallow remnants on the sides. I never even got a bite. The carrot mash next to it was and always is virtually untouched. If they put a heap of marshmallows on it, that would be a completely acceptable substitute.

Thurs' IM day

300 warm up

8 x 50 rotate IM

Main set early, just for me, thanks coach!
Two times through:

3 x 75's on 1:30
rotate IM order
50 fly/25 back
50 back/25 breast
50 breast/25 free


25 easy

1:16, 1:15

This ties my best in-practice 100 IM at 1:15. And even nicer, I could goof off the entire rest of workout....

6 x 150 pull
===>no. I did 2 x 50 with short fins to every 150.

6x 50 on 1:00 stroke
not sure what this set was suppose to be. I wasn't listening, and when I finally decided what I wanted to do, everyone was kicking, pulling, stroking, freestyling, or getting out. There wasn't a unified theme at all. Like the UN of do-what-you-want. Maybe getting out was most popular. Well, I tried to do 2 x fast back, 2 easy, 2 fast back, but I was pretty pooped out and went 38-39's.

IMS:The key is the breast. That's my worst stroke, and so I tried to work every turn and sprint the breast, where arguably the most time is lost.

Why do I swim with short fins (TYR Burners) so slow? I don't go any faster than without, and in fact, I have to work harder to go the same speed. My lungs are about ready to burst, and I can't use my arms that much except in an all-out sprint. Does that mean that I have weak core and simply need to condition myself up to it? I could not do those straight 150's and had to take a mini break within each one. I was getting a little better by #4 and going 32-33, so maybe it's just getting use to the subtle change in timing as well.

Next up: I am not motivated to swim in meets at all right now. My next meet is going to be the DAMM meet and I don't know what I want to swim. The good thing is entries aren't due until that Wed before.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Short fins are all about foot speed. If you're using your legs and feet like crazy, you're going to be beat.

    I wasn't very interested in meets after Greensboro either. Now I'm dying to swim. I think we go through phases depending on what's happening in our life.