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by , October 23rd, 2012 at 07:11 AM (705 Views)
today i did my second time trial. it was for 500 yds. i was up at sparrows' fart swimming and the pool was full again. only issue i have is that people really should get in touch with the reality of their abilities. if you are in the medium lane it really is not the best idea to swim breast stroke in a slow way for your entire workout. this becomes an issue when you have to circle swim.

i ended up in the fast lane which motivated me to move. i didn't feel too bad after recovering from the flu. slowly but surely i am getting my endurance up. will try for a masters swim practice this week.

did a 500 warmup and then the time trial, with a 100 cool down.

the 500 felt good after yesterdays 1k.

now i have a pretty good baseline.

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