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MRI, Wed., Oct. 24

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by , October 24th, 2012 at 06:25 PM (1241 Views)
I did nada today. Worked on house reno things.

I did get my written MRI results back. I have mild tendinosis in a couple spots, which is consistent with tennis elbow. But the real problem, and likely what has been causing my pain, is completely different. I have avulsion tears in two places: the lateral collateral ligament is partially torn from the humerus and there is avulsion (separation from the bone) of the common extensor tendon. Avulsion tears are really the opposite of tennis elbow -- your tendons are so strong that they break off the bone.

Jim sent me the snippet below on avulsion tears. I'm going to assume optimistically that mine are not large enough to be surgical. I have a consulting appt tomorrow with my PRP doc. I'm not even sure if this type of problem is treatable with PRP; I hope so. (I'm also not sure whether my nitro patches have done anything ... And this certainly explains why acupuncture was an epic fail.)

So it's very clear that (1) tennis elbow may be the least of my problem and only partially indicated; (2) good thing I didn't just go in for expensive PRP without an MRI -- it might not have helped and now I know the exact places and types of injury; (3) good thing I got an MRI -- I did not have garden variety tennis elbow as Jim thought. So far, my doctoring beats Jim's. MRI completely vindicated.

How the hell long does this take to heal?! I waited 8 months after the initial problem and promptly exacerbated it when I returned to lifting. Moral of the story: be very very careful increasing weight when deadlifting.

Psych sheet for Sprint Classic:


It is still controversial whether fresh avulsion fractures of the medial or lateral epicondyle of the humerus in adults should be treated conservatively or surgically. We monitored 12 patients to consider treatment selection. The patients were examined for site and size of bone fragment, degree of displacement, dislocation of the elbow joint, method of treatment, and bone union and elbow stability. The treatment results were scored according to the Elbow Assessment Score System, and the scores ranged from 86 to 100 points. The scores did not differ significantly among any of the patients, whether treated conservatively or surgically. Although surgery produces good results, conservative treatment can be selected for patients in whom the maximum diameter of bone fragment is 13 mm or less or the displacement of the bone fragment is 9 mm or less. (J Shoulder Elbow Surg 2000;9:59-64.)

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  1. Water Rat's Avatar
    Sorry about the diagnosis but its good to know for sure.
    If I had a nickel for every time I didn't take Jim's advice!

    What kind of Removation r u up to? R u here in Pitt much?
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Water Rat
    Sorry about the diagnosis but its good to know for sure.
    If I had a nickel for every time I didn't take Jim's advice!

    What kind of Removation r u up to? R u here in Pitt much?
    Well, he knows a fair bit from all the articles he's written. But that's one reason you might have an MRI for suspected tennis elbow -- to rule out other problems. Turns out, I found the real culprit.

    Renovating the house in Mt Lebo. Had to tear off all wallpaper, repaint entire house, giving the kitchen a facelift, picking out entirely new A&C lighting, gutting the third floor and redoing it for Lil Fort. Have been doing most of it from here. But need to get up there.
  3. aztimm's Avatar
    Sorry to hear the news, but better to at least know what's wrong than guess, and possibly do more damage.

    So does this mean that you won't go to Boston?

    And deadlifting... well that is simply evil. And doesn't seem helpful to me. I say that some climbs I do on my bike are evil, but in the long run they help.
    But then again, I have horrible memories of deadlifting (and squats) from high school, so generally avoid both.
  4. The Fortress's Avatar
    Yes. I didn't know what was wrong with the misdiagnosis and apparently did more damage in July ... Sigh.

    They haven't told me I can't swim, so will continue and plan on Boston.

    I am retired from deadlifting.