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I swim, therefore I am

A Brief Bio

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by , October 26th, 2012 at 07:39 PM (707 Views)
Swam competitively in High School-NJ 1971-75, then NCAA I-CA (2yrs) Waterpolo (3yrs). Unfortunately, I did not train year-round during the off season, summers and did not compete in AAU swimming. Participated in local USMS (PMS - SF Bay Area) SCY & LCM meets, OWS on & off from about 1981 to 1998.

While working abroad I swam laps in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Singapore as available. After a job relocation to Evans, GA in 2008, I started lap swimming at the Augusta Aquatic Center, GA averaging 2-3K SCY/LCM as available 3-4 time weekly.

Another job relocation took my family to Fort Myers, FL June 2011 where I continued to swim laps at the Fort Myers Aquatic Center. Since February 2012, my primary daily training facility has been at FGCU (Florida Gulf Coast University) with LCM 6-8 months of the year.

I have competed in local SWF 3-5K OWS events, and would like to swim 1650/1500/800 and 200/400 IMs at local USMS or Florida Senior Games events.

Coaching and Teaching
Once upon a time, a long time ago, I was active in part-time coaching and teaching swimming over the years beginning in high school as Red Cross WSI Swim Instructor teaching and coaching at Summer Swim League clubs during my Jr/Sr years of HS and while attending the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA near the SF Bay Area.

After UOP graduation with a BA degree in English & Communication, I was employed full time off an internship, and also assisted with part-time coaching of the UOP NCAA Div I Men's & Women's swimming teams, along with Men's Water Polo. Next came Age Group and Assistant Senior USS swim club coaching positions along with ASCA membership, courses and certifications. Different career jobs and locations led to seasonal part-time head coaching positions with High School Swimming/Water Polo and USMS teams in the Bay Area and San Francisco. Soon after relocating to San Francisco for new job at Bank of America Trust, I was selected as part of the part-time aquatic coaching staff that founded the University of San Francisco USMS swimming program at the Koret Center.

From USF I went on to assist The Olympic Club athletic department with TOC competitive aquatics programs including Masters Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Water Polo, and a lap swim fitness program called Spin and Swim, along with events such as The Olympic Club Mile, and the Trans Tahoe Relay Swim. Due to evolving family and career choices, I retired from part-time aquatic teaching and coaching becoming a lap swimmer. When my family and I returned to the USA from living and working overseas, I also eventually returned to participating in USMS.

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