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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 10/27/12:

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w/u: 200 Fr/200 Bk/300 kick-swim by 100 with snorkel

Read pwb's post (and JBS's, too) so I tried the [ame=""]Thorpe Test Set[/ame] from Tall Paul:
Middle "D" & Sprint groups
"Thorpe Test set" (done every 4-6 weeks)
- 16 x 50's @ :50 every 4th @ 200 race pace
- 12 x 50's @ 1:00 every 3rd @ 200 race pace
- 8 x 50's @ 1:10 every other @ 200 race pace
- 4 x 50's @ 1:20 all @ 200 race pace
-- stroke/IM option is to swim all the recovery swims free and only the "fast" swims stroke.
I did a mixture of FR pull with buoy and Bk for the non-fast stuff, and logged the following for the FR (goal time = 1:54, or 28.50)
  1. 30.97, 29.43, 29.62, 28.69 = 1:58.71
  2. 28.38, 28.13, 27.37, 28.56 = 1:52.44
  3. 28.50, 28.50, 27.68, 29.00 = 1:53.68
  4. 29.82, 28.12, 28.69, 27.75 = 1:54.38

200 float with snorkel and out
(Solo/Rec/2900 yds/60 min)

I have to admit that this workout kicked my backside pretty good, and it felt good. I read in Tall Paul's workout thread where That Guy gave it a go, and had stuck in my mind that after the second round the easy:fast swim ratio was less than positive, Knowing that I would have to squeeze this set in (Sat pm is dead at the pool), I did a less than normal workout and it showed during the first round. The last two wounds found me with a heart rate that would not slow down, causing my times to rise as well. That near Lactate kicker on the fourth round is a devious touch

Overall, I am happy with those times. I will add it to the Test Set Tracking page on the blog and revisit it in about a month or so. Had a great start to the day coaching the local Masters team and playing with the pace clock as mentioned in the June coaches newsletter. After we finished up, I walked downtown with my wife to check out Fallapalooza (the town shuts down Main Street and brings in vendors and hosts treating for the kids) - good times. After my swim this evening we grabbed takeout from the local chippie and I sill soon be heading for

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  1. That Guy's Avatar
    Good job!
  2. rxleakem's Avatar
    Thanks, TG!
  3. That Guy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rxleakem
    Thanks, TG!
    Aren't you supposed to be sleeping?
  4. rxleakem's Avatar
    Soon. I'm finishing my pumpkin pie in the hot tub right now, then off to
  5. jbs's Avatar
    Great job on the set!

    Looks likely that I'll be at Riverton. See you there?
  6. rxleakem's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jbs
    Great job on the set!

    Looks likely that I'll be at Riverton. See you there?
    I'm planning on making the trip up as long as the weather holds.