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This week's main set updates

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by , October 28th, 2012 at 10:35 AM (617 Views)
Busy all week with work and other non-blogging stuff, heh heh. Here's a brief update on what I did:

When in doubt, it was probably easy swim, drill, or hanging on the wall telling the coach I was doing easy swim or drills instead of the main set.

SCM Main sets:
2 "fast" days Tue & Fri:

4 times through:
150 IM FAST 2:30 fly/back/br
100 easy swim 2:00

so essentially you are doing a fast 150 IM every 4:30

2:11 2:11 2:10 2:10

wow did these hurt like I haven't hurt in years. It's a big difference from 100 IMs or 75ims!!! the rest was short for all outtedness. i would rather have done 2 x 100 easy on 2:00 and gone fast every 6:30.

12 x 25's on :35 various
easy stuff
6 x 50 2 fast, 1 easy
I did them as fly/back and br/free
34/38 and 35/27 or 1:12 combined

1 x 75 all out
I did 75 IM fly/back/br :56

This was better. Lots of bursty sprints in there.

The End
I have decided that an hour of P90X is just too long if I am also swimming and trying to have good speed days. Plyo X and a few others are very good to do exactly 1/2, since there are 2 rounds. Plus, I am done in about 45 minutes, with an 8 min warmup, about 20 min of meat workout, and then cooldown/misc stretches.

Next up:
I still haven't decided on events for our local SCM meet. I do feel compelled to swim the 100 IM after so much IM'ing this fall. I may do the 200 back and 100 IM. The meet starts really early and I don't like to be swimming my first event at 8:15am. Yuck!

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