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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 11/01/12: noon

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w/u: 100 Fr/100 Bk
1 Noah's Ark with snorkel and paddles

10 x 50 FR on :45 with snorkel
4 x 125 IM on :15sr (float the 50 stroke)
1 x 50 EZ

Go three times through:
- 100 Kick on 1:50 (flutter with board and snorkel)
- 2 x 100 Fr on 1:20 (pull with buoy and snorkel)
- 1 x 50 EZ on 1:00
- 2 x 25 Burst and cruise stroke on :30
(did Fr, Bk, fly by round)

200 w/d with snorkel and out
(Solo/Rec/3150 yds/55 min)
Good second workout. The lane started to fill in on the IM set, so I just went when I could in order to get it all in. That main set was a nice mixture of lower leg/upper body/go really fast pain, and I was happy with the results.

The massage was great this afternoon - first time getting those warm stones as part of the deal, and I tried not to laugh too much from the rocks between the toes tickle torture. I fell asleep after I flipped over, and I guess my wife's masseuse checked with her to be sure I wasn't in any sort of distress.

The play at the high school was great. First time in four years that our daughter has not been there running the lights and sound, but it was fun to support the kids that we know who are acting this year. I am debating a swim before work tomorrow, but most likely will sleep though it.

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