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David W Cochran

Friday, Nov 2 -Working on Speed

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Swam with Ray, Peter, Dave M, Dave B, Teresa, Julia, and Danny. Teresa and Julia are high school swimmers (Teresa is also Dave B's daughter).

Worked on speed - I need it plus I'm starting to think about the Auburn meet in February.

6x50 Free on :50
4x50 Free hard with :14 seconds rest - did 3:02 less :42 - 2:20 for 200 (I need to pick this up - I still tend to pace as opposed to sprint)
100 Back
4x125 Free on 1:45 (kept between 1:32 and 1:35 - good for me)
3x300 on 4:30 (started feeling the hard swimming - 4:02; 4:07; 4:10)
100 Back
10x50 Kick
10x100 Back w/paddles on 1:45 (started at 1:25 slipped in the middle to 1:29 pulled back down to 1:25 and did last at 1:20)
50 Free
6x50 Back w/paddles Sprint on 1:15

3950 yards
80 minutes

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