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by , October 29th, 2008 at 11:55 PM (1174 Views)
I've been in a bit of a snit lately about my future meets (as anyone can tell if they've read my rant on the Indy 2009 thread). So, I spent awhile this afternoon trying to decide where I will swim the next year. I really need meets to keep me motivated in the pool. I considered going down for the VMST meet on Nov. 8, but it's just too soon after the Sprint Classic for me. I also considered going up to Nassau County NY for their SCM meet on Nov. 23, but it's a bit of a haul too. Here's what I've tentatively come up with:

Sunday, Dec. 7, 2008 CZ SCM Champs:

Every SCM meet in the country is this weekend, which doesn't work out for me as my kid is swimming in the Tom Dolan meet on Dec 5-7 here at GMU. (I can't make the Open QTs.) But, I am going to try to go up to Zones for the Sunday events and swim the 50 free, 50 breast and 100 IM. I'll watch Mini-Fort on Friday-Saturday and miss her 200 IM and 200 fly on Sunday. She has given me "permission" to go for one day even though I'm her "good luck charm" at meets. She'll do great, and she gets all my old technical suits anyway.

Jan. 17-18, PV Jan. Open: There is a kiddie USA meet here in PV on Jan 17-18. I might breeze in one day and swim the 100 fly and 100 free. Won't swim both days, as one day is really plenty for me. This has the added benefit of being an afternoon meet.

February 14-15, 2009:

Thinking of going to Auburn and swimming in the SCY meet there with Puff. I've never swum at Auburn and always wanted to. If I swam there, I would probably "taper" for 10 days or so for this meet to post some decent SCY times. Attending this meet would have the added benefit of allowing me to swim a lot of relays and not worry so much about my SCY individual events and times at the CZ in April at my pool (GMU).

March 2009, Albatross Open:

Plan to swim in the Albatross SCM meet, although it's not on the PV calendar yet. This is always a fun meet. Last year, my team swam an All American Relay at this meet (mixed 200 free relay). This is the only SCM meet in PV, so I would probably also rest a little or hold speed a la ande after Auburn. The order of events hasn't changed in years. So I would either swim the backstroke sprints or swim what I did last year: 100 fly, 50 fly, 50 free.

April 2009, SCY Colonies Zones at GMU

My team is hosting this meet, which is always a fun meet. I briefly looked over the schedule of events. I would probably swim the 100 free, 50 breast and 50 back on Sat. and the 100 IM, 50 fly, 100 back and 50 free on Sunday. I won't swim the 100 fly though, as it's way too close to the 50 back. I may swim fewer events if I go to Auburn and instead swim a lot of relays with my team and a couple events for fun.

May 2009, LCM USA "Derby"

I may swim in the LCM USA meet at GMU. Hard to pass this meet up, it's so close.

June 15-16, 2009:

I may swim an event or two at this local USA LCM meet. I like having the ability to just cruise in an do a few events without any pressure at these USA meets -- except the possibility of embarrassing myself in front of my kid. OR, I'll train hard in May and June and swim in:

July 16-19, Jr and Sr Champs at U of Md:

Will probably swim a few events at one of these meets to get LCM times, as Indy does not have a good order of events for me and I don't plan to go right now. This might change if a lot of my teammates go to Indy. I swam in Jr. Champs last year where I got my 100 back and 50 free times (unrested).

August: VACATION!! Probably won't be around for LCM Colonies Zones this summer. But it depends when it is.

October 2009:

I am thinking of heading to Indy to swim in the TYR SCM series instead of swimming in the Sprint Classic the same weekend. There are very few SCM on the right side of the country and I would love to swim in Indy.

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  1. Chris Stevenson's Avatar
    We'll miss you in VA Beach but glad you're coming up to Rutgers.

    I'm also thinking of the Albatross meet, unless it conflicts with VA Sr Champs in Charlottesville. I have never been to this meet; is it at the U of Md pool? (Have never swum there, either.)
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    No, the Albatross Meet is at the Montgomery Aquatic Center in Rockville, MD. Pretty fast pool. Deep, although lane 1 is right next to the diving well where people are warming down. There's always some fast swims there every year. (The order of events is not overly friendly to fly-back swimmers though! lol)

    You MUST come to a meet at U of Md. By far my fav pool in the area.
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    LCM Zones may be at U of Md again. That's a good meet, if you still need LC times after Indy and aren't on vacation.