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Friday, Nov. 9

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Swim/SCY with Speedo:

Warm up:

15 min social hottub chat
600 various
8 x 25 shooters @ :40
2 x 50 fly drill

Main Sets:

8 x 25 burst + cruise @ 1:00
125 EZ social kick

1 x 50 AFAP from a push
-- Pete, back, 27 flat
-- me, breast w/fins, 27 mid
200 social kick

1 x 100 AFAP fly w/fins
-- Pete: sat and watched, solidifying his spot as a wimpier sprinter than moi
-- me, 53 mid, fast for me!, quads were burning after
150 social kick
225 EZ solo
-- Pete left

6 x (25 AFAP + 75 EZ) w/fins @ 3:00
-- 3 free, 10 highs
-- 3 breast, 14s

8 x 25 backstroke w/parachute @ 1:00
4 x 25 breast w/parachute @ 1:00

200 EZ

Total: 3050


With today's workout, I've logged 7 swims in 8 days, making up for the sickness absence. I was pretty pleased with the times today given that I've been working pretty hard all week and did a solid speed/power workout yesterday. I slept great all week, which helps. I'm taking the weekend off from swimming!

Jim and I have a gridge on this year in the SCY 100 fly, so I will be doing more 100 flys for time. Anyone else up for gridges? I know James always is.

I went to sign up for the Nov. 18 sprint/relay meet, but online sign up is down. I'm going to enter 100 fly/100 breast/100 free (50 split). I'm entering the last event in case we can't get any relays together.

For NE Champs, with 3 of the 100s out of the way, I'm going to focus on 50s and enter:
Sat: 100 IM, 50 free, 200 back (50 split), 50 fly
Sun: 100 free (cruisey), 50 back, 50 breast, 200 free (50 split)
I will likely scratch one event each day. I haven't swum the 100 free since April 2009, so I'd like to pop one in. I don't like it much because it's difficult to sustain my straight arm super fast turnover for a 100.

I think I'll also swim in the MD swim series meet in Annapolis on Jan. 20 and swim a couple off events. The pool is supposed to be fairly decent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaadams1
    Are you? ...or is that just talk.
    What do I have to go to beat you? A 5:20?

    My first and last SCM meet is next weekend.
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