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Weekend "swims"

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by , November 11th, 2012 at 06:51 PM (415 Views)
My "swimming" (so-called because it takes place in the water and represents an intention on my part to emulate that activity, which others do so proficiently... and not because what I was doing looked very much like swimming), my so-called "swimming" was really pathetic Saturday and Sunday. I ran out of time both days and ended up in the pool in the last hour before closing time at the YMCA, which always makes me feel rushed. I thought I would just do a time-trial 3000 instead of the postal, since that's about all I had time for on Saturday. I didn't warm-up and realized about 200-yards in that my legs were going to be a lot more sore from that kick-drill work-out than I wanted. Then, my breathing was off, my flip-turns awkward, eventually I started cramping... so I scratched on the time trial and just did 2500, calling it a day with 15 minutes to closing time.

Today I only had 45 minutes, so I did the following:
300 warm-up (fr/br/bk)
500 fr EZ swim
100 br
100 bk
10 x 50 on :55 (:41-:45)
300 cool-dwn (fr/br/bk)

1800 total in 35 minutes

I just wasn't feelin' it this weekend. Hope I have a little more time next weekend and that my swims are normal this week.

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