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joel schmaltz

11-12 and 11-13

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Coach is trying to mix in some fast swims to prep for our SC SCM meet the end of this month. I don't have much of a base to taper from. I'll deal with it.

10 min choice
-Only got in about 500
7 x 150 @ 3:45 (25 kick, 100 swim neg split)
-went 3 free, 3 back, 1 breast
7 x 100 pull
-3 @ 1:30 descend
-1 @ 2:00 cruise
-3 @ 1:30 descend
7 x 50 @ 1:10
-0dds free, evens fly
-At some point during the 50 ,not including the walls, we were to dive down and SDK AFAP. Kinda different.
4 x 175 @ ??
-50 fr, 100 IM, 25 fr
---rotate a sprint 25 in the IM
300 w/d (50 double arm back, 100 free)

3700 scy

Tues am solo swim

I am not a miler, but have signed up for the 1500 at our state meet coming up. This will be strictly a "swim" for team points. The mile is on Fri evening and I may just barely make in time for the event to start. With that in mind I decided to jump in and swim a 1650 this morning.

1650 swim
-stay long and just swim
50 EZ
Small bk set trying to hold 39's throughout
50 @ 50
100 @ 1:40
200 @ 3:20
100 @ 1:40
50 @ 50
100 EZ


Felt pretty good through this short one before work. The best thing was that I felt I could change gears (what little I have) the entire 1650. Plus my core didn't tighten up around 800 like it has in the past.

Friday evening is our annual intersquad meet. We each bring in food to donate to the local food bank as our "entry fee". We can swim whatever we want and coach will have some fun relays mixed in as well. I gave coach about six differnet event options and told her to just put me in some of them. Will have to wait to see what comes my way.

It is all for fun and a good cause as well. I am sure there will be some sort of social gathering afterwards.

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