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Mixing it up this year

Just one kick can....

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by , November 14th, 2012 at 07:57 AM (734 Views)
It is amazing how one kick can hurt so bad and the same movement can eventually loosen you up. This happened to me this morning.

During the main set I was getting started with my 50 free and dolphin kicked off the wall...then OH the Pain. My 50 free became 50 1 arm fly drill pushing thru the pain to get loose. I was going to kick free but decided I needed dolphin kick more at that point. I actually did an extra 50 kick just to loosen up more.

400 free
4x50@1:00 25 drill +25 build
4x50@1:00 IM order
4x25@:45 kick descend 35, 33, 31, 30
100 EZ

this set w/zoomers
1x50@1:00 swim(did 1 arm fly)
5x50@1:00 kick fly to loosen back (did extra was only supposed to be 4x50)
2x50@1:00 free smooth
3x50@1:00 streamline free kick
3x50@1:00 free smooth
2x50@1:00 streamline free kick
4x50@1:00 free smooth
1x50@1:00 streamline free kick

10x100 Free w/paddles #1-4@1:30, #5-7@1:25, #8-9@1:20 #10@1:15 held 1:23's on 1-7, went 1:18, 1:20, 1:22 for last 3 just did not have the umph today
200 EZ

Total 3250 yards

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