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Feeling Stronger in the Water!!

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by , November 14th, 2012 at 01:37 PM (461 Views)
Nice morning - not as cool as forcasted & no rain until after we got out of the pool!
Missing Jennifer today, but it allowed me to work harder I think on the 12 x 100's - Terry put the Distance Free people into 2 lanes - which meant 2 moldy-oldies & 5 kids - I told the kids we needed a lane leader, so Hannah jumped in - but she goes about a 1:05 on all her 100's, so even going second I didn't get a draft! I was happy to see myself repeating 1:12's again - basically going first ahead of Sela & some kid that couldn't keep the interval. I'm feeling a lot stronger in the water this week - don't know if it's because my biorhythms are UP, or if its due to my finally getting payoff for all my hard work!! Yesterday on my fly, I was literally "flying" over the water - it felt so good!

600 Back/free
4 x 200 P on 3:00
8 x 50 K on 1:00
100 EZ
12 x 100 on 1:20
8 x 25 (one drill, 2 4-cycle, one sprint) on :30
100 EZ - kids got out here & the rest is a modified version of what he had the breast stroke lane doing
200 Breast
150 Breast/Free thingy
300 Breast/Free thingy
150 Breast/Free thingy*
4 x 100 P on 1:30
200 EZ
Total: 4900

*just in case you're wondering what a thingy is (my own personal design) one stroke, one free, two stroke, one free, one stroke - and you choose your distance, thus on the 300 it is 50 breast, 50 free, 100 breast, 50 free, 50 breast. I like it, and it saves my shins on those long breast stroke sets. And my shoulders when I do it butterfly. We never do it backstroke, lol.

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