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David W Cochran

Mon. Nov. 19 - Monday Morning

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Shared a lane with Keith and swam with Roger, Danny, Peter, the two Dave's, Meredith and Andrei. Arms felt tired and my shoulders just haven't felt right. So, I didn't feel fast, but I kept a steady pace and then, at the end, I swam the fastest 200 Backs I have swam. Keep working on Fly, but it still wears me out.

3x100 Free/Back/Free
10x100 Free on 1:30
5x200 on 3:00
550 Free
3x300 Free on 4:30
16x25 - 2stroke/2Kick Fly/Back order
100 Back
4x100 IM on 1:45
3x200 Back w/paddles on 3:00 (2:45, 2:43, 2:40)
100 Free
2x50 Back

5450 Yards
110 minutes

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  1. pmccoy's Avatar
    That backstroke pull was fun this morning. Wish I could do that without the paddles. Not sure if you have heard or not but Brook was hit (by a car?) on his bike this morning . He has a dislocated/broken hip and a broken wrist. Hip is popped back in and the pelvic fracture will heal on its own. He had surgery this evening for the wrist. I'll fill you in on the latest tomorrow if I hear anything new.