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David W Cochran

Friday, Nov 23 - Don't Stop Now

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Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We did a hike with the Huntsville Land Trust and then went and had a huge buffet. Then my two older daughters came over last night. Then after swimming this morning, went to Cullman to help my mother-in-law move. Most of it was done so I didn't do much.

Any way, don't want to take a break and lose momentum going into December. So, I pulled myself out of bed and back to the pool this morning. Swam a pretty good workout - no real speed work, but pushing my pace. The day of rest helped my arms feel a little better, despite all the food yesterday.

Swam with Dave B., Peter, and Keith.

350 Free
5x300 on 4:30 (4:00, 4:03, 4:02, 4:03, 4:00)
100 Back
50 Free
12x50 Kick on 1:00
100 Back
5x200 Free on 3:00 (2:40; 2:40, 2:42; 2:42; 2:38)
100 Back
6x100 Free Descend on 1:30 (1:20; 1:16; 1:15; 1:15; 1:14; 1:12)
100 Back
3x200 Back w/paddles on 3:15
5x100 Free w/paddles on 1:30
3x100 Back w/paddles on 1:35

6000 yards
118 minutes

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