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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 11/24/12:

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w/u: 200 FR/200 Bk/200 IM drill
8 x 50
- odds = kick on :60
- evens = pull on :50 with bouy
1 x 50 EZ

Looking over my blog from last year, I found this fun set (courtesy of jaadams1), so I gave another swim at the Y meet set (see old entry for details):

200 Medley Relay - n/a
200 Free - went 2:14.09 (1:16 rest)
200 IM - went 2:39.19 (1:20 rest)
50 Free - went 28.00 (1:02 rest)
Diving goes here - n/a
100 Fly - went 1:17.69 (1:12 rest)
100 Free - went 1:01.12 (1:28 rest)
500 Free - went 6:25.12 (1:05 rest)
200 Free Relay - n/a
100 Back - went 1:07.13 (1:22 rest)
100 Breast - went 1:29.25
400 Free Relay - n/a

1 x 50 EZ
4 x 50 on :60
- down = DPS, free, :05 SR
- back = Stroke FAST (IMO)

250 loosen and out
(Solo/Rec/2900 yds/55 min)

For practice today, I was not altogether motivated and had fun with this set last year - thanks again for posting it, James. I though my times were awful as compared to last year, but I was faster today in most events. The 500 was shot as two kids decided to jump in the lane, "sprint" a few 50s, then leave, throwing off my concentration. I am super happy with the 100 back time - I played around with a slightly altered kick which helped with shoulder rotation - thing I might be closer to figuring this stroke out again.

Had a great group of folks in the water earlier today for Masters practice, eight in total. I am pretty stoked as a coach that every swimmer tried the Turducken, most at reduced yardages, but more proud that everyone swam fly today, including two gals brand new to organized swim practices. It's amazing how different masters are vs. kids - I gave very minimal directions and demonstrated technique from deck, and they were able to do legal fly!

I spent the afternoon putting up Christmas decorations outside as the the weather alternated between dark with spitting snow and then sunny with a biting wind. Mission accomplished, and I even had some help from my youngest cat when testing light bulbs:

I made up a nice chicken and broccoli divan recipe for supper (which I ate after swimming), and now am finishing up some brownies with oreos in the middle (picture to come, hopefully).

Two weeks to the NE SCM Champs meet at Boston University - still time to sign up and watch me partake in 3 gridges. Heck, offer one up with me, too! Up to 255 swimmers, Fort, with plenty of room for more to join in the fun at a great pool - entries close Mon, 12/03/12.

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  1. rxleakem's Avatar

    Oreo brownies on a chocolate chip base
  2. ekw's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rxleakem

    Oreo brownies on a chocolate chip base
  3. mcnair's Avatar
    My sister brought chocolate fudge brownies on a chocolate chip cookie base (the "crust") for Thanxgiving... I'll be swimming that off for another month!
  4. Sojerz's Avatar
    Oreo brownies on a chocolate chip base
    Ummmmmm. What's the red stuff?
  5. rxleakem's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sojerz
    Ummmmmm. What's the red stuff?
    Those fancy and festive 'holiday' oreos.

    After sampling a few, it has been decided to ditch the cookie crust with the next batch.