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Easing back into workouts!

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by , November 29th, 2012 at 02:42 PM (1108 Views)
Hello everyone! I am back in the water. Sort of. I am happy to report that my wounds are healing nicely, and I feel fine! However, I still have little motivation to "get back to it!" I know this because I don't miss workouts at all, and as far as the social element, which arguably is the biggest, I don't feel like i'm missing anything or anyone. I'll see everyone at the xmas party!

The interesting this is that swimming easy really activiates my big muscles, they are like saying, yeah! feels good! bring it on! But my joints and little muscles are like, ouch! That pinches! Careful there! So I think I need to take it really easy and get my body used to the motions again.

Here's the measly bits I have done:

500 warmup
8 x 50 kick/swim IM order
4 x 25 1 each stroke
50 easy

500 warm up
4 x 50 kick
8 x 25
easy 100

Most of my emotional energy has been in deal-sifting during the holiday shopping. I buy nothing without a 30% or more discount and free shipping. I did buy a pair of skinny jeans in bright orange from H&M. That place is so cheap! And not expensive, either, haha! How much would you pay for a pair of bright orange skinny jeans? I wear them like leggings. They were $10! I ran around the store looking only at things in my size (duh!) and with the special $10 or $15 labels.

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    You would have to pay me way more than $10 to wear skinny orang jeans.