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Thursday, Oct. 30

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by , October 30th, 2008 at 03:06 PM (1154 Views)
AM -- 5 mile run. Felt good!

PM -- swim. I stunk! Felt like I was swimming through jello. But muddled through it, using one of Paul Smith's speed sets:

650 warm up of swim and kick

Paul's set:

200 fast (IM, did it medium)
100 easy
200 fast, broken 10 seconds rest at the 50 (IM)
100 easy
100 fast (backstroke)
100 easy
100 fast, broken, 15 seconds rest at the 50 (backstroke)
100 easy
50 fast (fly)
100 easy
50 fast, broken, 10 seconds rest at the 25 (fly)
100 easy
4 x 25 fast, 25 easy between each (free)
100 easy

Total: 2250

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  1. quicksilver's Avatar
    I notice you're a pretty avid runner.

    Question, how does that affect your ankle flexibility if at all ?
    Do you stretch them other than using the monofin ?

    Thanks, val

    Before I swam many years ago, I ran 5 days a week, around 5 miles a day.
    (Trying to start that up again on the non swimming days, but don't want to hinder my kicking ability).
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    My ankles are pretty loose. In fact, I seem to get ankle sprains or sore ankles from running, and I have to be careful not to run too far too fast after a break. I also do some exercises to strengthen my ankles at the gym. So, no, I don't think running effects my ankle flexibility at all! It's the reverse -- my ankles make it hard for me to run as much as I'd like.

    My use of fins and the MF probably helps to ensure that the ankles stay loose and flexible, although I'm pretty flexible in general (it's that ex gymnast diver thing ) I recall doing some of Jonathan's ankle stretches once. Went running after and felt ridiculously rubbery! So I don't do them anymore.

    But, having said all this, perhaps if I gave up running and did more ankles stretches, I'd be an even better kicker? Probably. However, I'm not willing to find out because I enjoy running. It's nice to be outdoors and not always submerged in chlorine.