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David W Cochran

Mon., Dec 3 - Mixing It Up

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Misplaced my regular suit , so I wore a one size to large drag suit today. That probably makes for a better workout; but it did seem to make me more sluggish (I'm sure it had nothing to do with Monday morning!). Shared a lane with Roger for a while and swam with Peter, the two Dave's, and Danny.

Did more IM, back, and kick today and very little paddles.

Also did 2 200 IM's (#2 and 3 for me). Tried to stay relaxed and not push too hard. Finishing and developing form is more important than killing myself right now.

400 Free
4x200 on 3:00 (2:43 -2:45)
100 Back
4x200 Free on 3:00
200 Kick
100 Back
12x50 on 1:00 - Kick/Fly/Back
50 Back
5x150 on 2:40 - 100 Kick/50 Back
12x25 4 Fly, 4 Back, 2 Breast, 2 Free
200 IM - 3:20
3x200 Back w/paddles on 3:15
100 Free w/paddles
200 IM - 3:25
100 Free

5400 yards
110 minutes

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