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Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!

Mon, Dec. 3, 2012 7:00-8:55pm

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I didn't even bother taking my fins to practice today, 100% protesting any fin kicking whatsoever after yesterday's groin stretch in the meet. It really didn't turn out to be much, but I'm still going to take it easy for a while. My first 2-300 of the warmup I could feel it a little as I kicked lightly, but after that it loosened up a bit and I hardly noticed it.
John did say he was going to "take it easy" on us the day after the meet. Not sure if he knew what he was talking about, or maybe I just put more into the workout than he expected.


800 Choice (mix it up) - did 800 Free
600 Kick w/ fins (I did 800 Free Pull EZ, weaving through and around my lanemates)
800 Free Pull (again for me)
  • Alt 50 EZ/50 Fast
  • Also Alt. 100 3 str. breathing/100 5 str. breathing (did 4 stroke)

16 x 50 @ 1:15 (4 of each stroke, IM Order)
  • The dolphining of fly I could feel a little soreness, so I either did it easy or not at all.
  • For all breaststroke swims, I did w/ light dolphin kicking

Main Set:

4 x 500 @ Coaches' sendoff
(basically turned out to be ~ 8:30-9:00 or so. He waited till the slow lane got in and had about a minute rest.)
  • #1 "EZ" focus on high elbow in the catch/pull - did 5:59
  • #2 "80% effort" - did 5:35 (note: did a 5:18 in the meet on Sat.)
  • #3 "EZ" - did a 6:05
  • #4 "90% effort" - did 5:29 (only 11 seconds off my meet performance)
  • this add-up time for a 2000 is 23:08, not too shabby
  • this set also means I know my 500 can be much faster in a meet performance setting
  • lap traffic was "fun" on the fast ones.

1000 EZ Kick w/ board & fins (I did EZ kick w/ board only to test out my leg)
did more of the harder kicking with my right leg, but my left side felt okay. I'll still lay low for a week or so.

6200 Yards and out a little early.

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